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#1 Paige — @realpaigewwe

This is her house! No, literally — go to Paige’s Instagram account and there you will find her house. Paige on Instagram is awesome for an assortment of reasons. You want shots of her and the “Total Divas” cast in exotic locations? Paige’s Instagram is your hookup. You have a yearning to see The Diva of Tomorrow in a variety of hats? @realpaigewwe is your one-stop shop. You need a morphenomenal photo of her kicking the original Green Power Ranger in the crotch? The Anti-Diva has made this happen.

Thought another Superstar or Diva was the best Instagrammer in the WWE Universe? Think again. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

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The Journey Begins

Host Chris Jericho and Renee Young kicked off the show by welcoming the esteemed panel of judges, Daniel Bryan, Paige and Hulk Hogan, to Full Sail University Studios. Each judge outlined that the winners of Tough Enough will need to showcase passion, personality and the ever-elusive “it” factor.

Tensions started to boil over when the group headed to the WWE Performance Center for in-ring drills. When Tanner claimed he could do twice as many reps as the other competitors, 19-year-old Patrick flipped, questioning the MMA fighter’s commitment to sports-entertainment. Then at night, Gabi called out Dianna for claiming she injured her groin during the first challenge. And mere hours before the Tough Enough premiere on USA Network, a confident Tanner openly questioned Alex’s chances of surviving the vote, before adding, “I’m the best here!”

Following interviews with the competitors, the three judges each selected someone to go into the global vote, with the fewest points-getter heading home. Hogan chose ZZ for not stepping up physically, Bryan picked Hank after his comments about Tanner, and Paige selected Josh for not showing enough; and the votes poured in.

Although every judge is afforded one save — the ability to protect a competitor from the worldwide vote — each season, they chose to forego their saves for another week. Hank came up short with 22 percent of the vote, while Josh and ZZ stayed alive with a close-call of 26 percent and an overwhelming 52 percent, respectively.

Josh and ZZ remain safe for another week, but as Jericho warned them, they both have a lot to do to prove they’re Tough Enough.

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Is Paige fighting a battle she can’t win?

Despite her best efforts, Paige might be learning the hard way that there’s just no beating The Bella Twins. After failing to capture the Divas Championship at Money in the Bank, The Diva of Tomorrow tried to rally the locker room against Nikki & Brie, attempting to institute real change in the Divas division. Unfortunately, Divas Champion Nikki — claiming a strong connection to The Authority — defused Paige’s efforts moments later.

After falling to both Bellas in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match on Raw, Paige was defeated by Brie on SmackDown, thanks in no small part to interference by Alicia Fox. Is Fox now actually in league with The Bella Twins? If so, how many others aligned with Nikki & Brie?

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Brie Bella vs. Paige

Alicia Fox pushed Paige off the top rope, allowing Brie Bella to hit The Diva of Tomorrow with the Bella Buster for a big SmackDown victory. The Bellas then presented Alicia with their colors, indicating that Miss Fox had chosen to align with the prominent twins.

Winner: Brie Bella

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